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Wedding Breakfast - Table Magic

Enhance your sit down dinner with some showstopping magic expertly delivered in between service


A very popular request is for magic during your wedding meal and what better way to liven up the awkward dinner table small-talk than with some astonishing magic for your guests to watch, enjoy and talk about for the rest of the day?

I've never organised a wedding but I can imagine planning where people sit can be a bit of a headache.  I'm sure you've had it before where you have been at a wedding sat on a table with people you don't know.  all the other tables are loud and having a great time but your table is struggling for small talk?  How awkward does that feel?  I've even secretly Googled for conversation starters in the past!  We have all been there believe me.

Now imagine the difference if during service and in between courses, an incredibly handsome, charming and extremely popular magician comes round, introduces everyone to each other, entertains them with some great magic and epic banter, tops it all off with the worst dad-jokes you have ever heard.  Now how much better does that sound?

Add to that, after you make your grand entrance as the newest newly-weds In the UK, I reserve some special routines for you and your top table to enjoy, leaving you with not just incredible memories but also some magical secret keep-sakes that you will cherish forever to remember your magical day.

Many couples chose to add table magic to the end of their magical reception or the start of their evening entertainment.  Check out my packages page for more details.


If you are interested in hearing more about having high-quality award-winning wedding magic on your special day, complete the details below to get in touch

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