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Chris Campos Magic Privacy Policy and Data Sharing Arrangements

I take your privacy and data security extremely seriously.

I will never share or sell any data I collect from you.  I have taken data security training and am mindful and careful when using my customer's data to carry out my business.  I consider it valuable and feel a great responsibility for keeping it secure.  Under GDPR I have an obligation to keep your data secure and to uphold your privacy.

A lot of people find me through AddtoEvent (  As part of the process you will share your personal details with them.  When I express an interest in the booking, AddtoEvent share your name, phone number and, if you have provided it as the address for the booking, your home address, with me.

When you contact me using my contact page, the data you provide is stored in a database administered by Giggio (  Their servers may be located outside the UK.  I will use your email address and phone number to provide you with details of my services, packages and your quote. You can opt-out of these emails at any time by dropping me an email or giving me a call.  If you choose to pay an invoice by credit card you will share your details with Pay360 (  I do not see your bank details at any stage during the process.

If you choose to pay by Paypal, your data will be shared with them.  They will share some details with me to confirm payment but I do not see your bank details as part of this process.

My accounting software is provided by Quickbooks (  In order to comply with UK regulations, I attach a copy of your invoice to each payment.  This invoice contains your address.  Quickbooks servers may be outside the UK.

From time to time it may be necessary for me to store your details in Google Drive and on my personal computers.  Google Drive is protected by two-factor authentication.  My computer is protected by a username and password.

I use an Android phone for business administration and to make business phone calls.  Google probably captures details about phone calls, such as the phone number, time, date and length of the call.

My email is provided by Google.  Their servers may be outside the UK.  Google may collect details from emails.

In order to carry out your booking, I will need to collect the following: Your name, address, address of the booking, date of the booking, time of the booking, email address and telephone number.  To provide exceptional service, I may also ask for other details as part of the booking process. These are optional and you can choose not to answer them if you wish.  As part of the booking process, I may send you items in the post.

When visiting my site, your IP address (a code that identifies your computer) is collected so that I can analyse how many visitors I have, how long visitors spend on each page, an approximate location of where the visitor is and at what time of day they visit. 

I use this information to make business decisions, such as when and where to show adverts.  I never see your full IP address as it is hidden from me (anonymised).  I cannot use an IP address to identify you.

As part of this process, your IP address will be shared with Wix and Google.  Their servers may not be in the UK.

When you visit my site, you will be asked if you accept that cookies can be stored on your computer.  Cookies are small bits of computer code that have no function outside the website they came from.  If you choose to accept cookies, I use Google Ads Tag and Facebook Pixel cookies to send you adverts in the days after your visit.  This process is administered by Facebook and Google and I do not see, capture or store your data as part of this process.

Your data will only be stored for as long as is necessary to carry out your booking and for me to produce accounts.  I am obligated to keep accounts for 6 years. After this time data will be deleted securely.

As part of GDPR regulations, you have the right to see a copy of all the details held about you, have corrections made and have parts or all of the data deleted.  For more details, please send an email or call me using the details below.

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